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I think he got what he deserves. Try to burn your own skin dumbass. 

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el verdadero cambio lo haces tu

si quieres un cambio verdadero,pues camina distinto(8)
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Paulo Sergio Zerbato

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Mercury in Cancer - Daydream Cruise

Moonstruck Cancer in the home of messenger Mercury imparts a fertile imagination and maladaptive tendency to frequently disengage from reality to wander through a cerebral fantasy network. Mercury here process information through an intuitive and emotional framework, and walk the borderline between the material and the ethereal. These personalities are porous in their reception of surrounding thoughts and find others magnetically drawn to their counsel. Mercury Cancer people are resistive to loosening the clutches of the past and strongly attach themselves to history. They commonly lose themselves spinning nostalgia, recollecting conversation and playing in fantasy. 


The mind is a magic paintbox here, and Mercury Cancer people paint the seams of reality with threads of the past, dreams and idealistic reverie. They may think and speak somewhat archaic, and tend to be approachable, warm and maternal. The flight over the visionary Cancer waters garner tremendous creative writing talent and artistic flair. Much of their inspiration and creative galaxies awaken under emotional inflammation and the desire to construct a more pleasant reality. These personalities can adeptly translate emotional impression into language, cultivating a natural psychologists. Their innate maternal instinct and interpersonal reception make emotionally reactive people who know to respond therapeutically in conversation. They may become easily swept up in the wine and romance of poetry, novels, love letters and lyrical music. 


Mercury in Cancer people may be reticent to express their views and withdrawn amongst a loud crowd. Different opinions are wrongly considered criticism, and their idealistic fantasy may blur into catastrophized imagination and reality filled with worse case scenarios, horrific worry and infinite danger. Spectacular visual imagery  filters the senses here, and and when the Cancer pinata bursts outside Mercury thought box, utopian worlds thrust into light and dreams flourish. These individuals may be naturally gifted at history and enjoy collecting antiques, often leaving loud cling marks on everything left behind. 


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